It’s Not Just a Gay Male Thing: Sexual Minority Women and Men are Equally Attracted to Consensual Non-monogamy


  • Amy C. Moors
  • Jennifer D. Rubin
  • Jes L. Matsick
  • Ali Ziegler
  • Terri D. Conley


consensual non-monogamy, polyamory, swinging, love styles, LGB individuals


Concerned with the invisibility of non-gay male interests in alternatives to monogamy, the present study empirically examines three questions: Are there differences between female and male sexual minorities in a) attitudes toward consensual non-monogamy, and b) desire to engage in different types of consensual non-monogamy (e.g., sexual and romantic/polyamory versus sexual only/swinging), and c) schemas for love? An online community sample of lesbian, gay, and bisexual individuals (n = 111) were recruited for a study about attitudes toward relationships. Results show that sexual minority men and women hold similar attitudes toward CNM and similar levels of desire to engage in these types of relationships. Additionally, there were no differences between male and female sexual minorities’ desire to engage in sexual and romantic types of consensual non-monogamy (polyamory) or sexual-oriented types of consensual non-monogamy (swinging). There were also no differences in preference for specific types of love styles among LGB individuals. In sum, it is not just gay men who express interest in these types of relationships.




Moors, Amy C., Jennifer D. Rubin, Jes L. Matsick, Ali Ziegler, und Terri D. Conley. 2014. „It’s Not Just a Gay Male Thing: Sexual Minority Women and Men Are Equally Attracted to Consensual Non-Monogamy“. Journal für Psychologie 22 (1).